We try and offer rates for most common situations. Materials will be separate at this time and adjustments by contractor may exist.

At Outdoor Kitchens, we understand that building an Outdoor Kitchen or Fire Feature can be difficult. Builders, sub-contractors, components, configurations, and finishes are only some of the obstacles that can occur during these projects. But our team here in Las Vegas, has spent decades trying to perfect and improve the experience of building your dream outdoor kitchen or fire feature. The following is a list of our qualifications and why Outdoor Kitchens is the premier builder of outdoor products in the United States of America.

1. Our grills are 100% 304 Stainless steel and come with a lifetime warranty, depending on the size of the grill or island package most grills will have optional LED lights and other accessories.

2.Our patented welded frames are galvanized #120, -12 gauge steel tubing. We do NOT use thin/cheap stud and track construction that starts to rust after the first year, like other manufacturers do.

3. Our 1/2" exterior cement board has a lifetime warranty for external use in areas where moisture/rain or any outdoor environment. Our board holds less than 3% water retention.

4. We use 3CM (1-1/4") granite slab counter tops on all of our products. No grout lines that attract grime and dirt, or weak points that are prone to damage.

5. We only use synthetic stucco with a base coat and taped seams. It is 100x stronger than standard stucco. It's paint-able and won't crack, stain or fade.

6. Our islands can be relocated because of our patented modular construction and bolt system. Our islands are so strong, you can crane them into backyards without any extra bottom support or pallet.

7. All finished pre-made products will come standard with 16-gauge stainless steel edge-trim built-into the bottom of our frame to protect the base from chips, scrapes, and other damage.

8. All of our products come standard with built-in leg levelers so it can be leveled on any uneven surface.

9. We also sell our unfinished products to dealers, builders, and homeowners for the "Do-it-yourself" experience.




Come see our 12

New pre-designed islands.

We offer full-custom island designs.


We offer a variety of

grills and components from over 25 brands.


Custom indoor/outdoor fire pits, fire places, fire tables, and fire features.



We can modify an existing island to accept your new grill and components.

We offer a variety of commercial grade, outdoor-rated furniture.


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We manufacture and customize the award-winning Kamado Rocket grill.


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Universe Islands

- These are 12 pre-designed islands that includes the island structure, all the stainless components and optional granite top and stucco finishing.

- Optional accessories/upgrades available.

- Current production time is 8-12 weeks.

We build our islands out of #120-Galvanized steel tubing, welded together and is covered with an exterior flexible concrete board which makes it ready to receive any type of exterior finishings. The island structures have a lifetime warranty and can be built in a variety of shapes & sizes, such as straight Islands, curved islands, split-islands, L-shape, back splash, raised bar counter-top, etc. *The Islands are also built with custom sized openings that can accommodate any brand or custom grills and inserts.

Stainless Steel Inserts

Outdoor Kitchen offers a full selection of stainless steel inserts available for purchase.

- Commercial grade 304-Stainless steel

-100% Made in the U.S.A

- Lifetime warranty
-Also available in Masonary edge style

(Please call ahead for availability, special pricing available for Dealers and Contractors available.)

Outdoor Kitchens is well known for their custom and standard islands, we also are an exceptional manufacturer of fire burners, and custom fire features. We are the industry standard when it comes to creating and designing features in a variety of styles. No matter what shape, size, or height, our fire features are made with the best materials right here in the USA. We also can provide our customers with the hoses, fittings, and glass. Our modular units allow for flexible design, and our sales designers can assist you with any or all of the designing process. Please view below an example of our design capabilities:

Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Fireplace and Full Kitchen