We try and offer rates for most common situations. We are NOT an emergency operation and can take 24 hours to hear back from one of our vendors.

Electric is a family owned and operated electrical service provider that serves the Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Boulder City and surrounding Southern Nevada areas. As a small business we value the importance of our reputation and building trust with our Customers and in our community. We treat each of our clients with the utmost respect, patience, professionalism and always provide an honest expertise. Each task we complete expresses our commitment to high quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Our goal is to offer professional electrician services with honesty, integrity, and fair pricing. We respect our customer's time and always do our best to complete jobs within the timeframe promised. At Electric we quote all electrical work up front and the price we quote is always the price you pay.

When You Hire Electric

1. Appointments are set and managed electrically allowing us to not only provide you with a service time frame but send you up to date notifications via text or email when a Electric crew is in route to your location. We also employ the latest in fleet management technology and maintain GPS locations of all our crews to help ensure the degree of accuracy possible with scheduling and appointment time frames

2. Estimates are always provided prior to beginning any job. As a company who has built its reputation on honesty and integrity, Electric never embellishes service requirements or ads hidden prices to final invoices. All estimates are provided to clients via hard copy or email and pre-approval is required any time changes or adjustments to the initial estimate are made.

3. Electric crews will always notify clients when jobs are completed to ensure all work is done to the clients satisfaction. On approval final invoices will be presented either electronically or via hard copy.

4. At Electric we believe service after the sale is just as important and we always stands behind our work with a full 2 year guarantee on electrical parts and labor we provide. In the unlikely event there is ever a problem with the service or parts provided by Electric, crews will be dispatched on the first available opening to evaluate and / or correct any problems.

Lighting is fundamental when it comes to creating a usable and comfortable home. We live, eat, and spend time with our family under the warm glow of interior lighting! Unfortunately, the foresight of future remodels was not considered during the construction of homes in many older neighborhoods within Las Vegas and Henderson, which may be causing you to rely on freestanding lights and tabletop lamps. If you are finding that these do not provide adequate light, it's time to modernize! Adding custom, overhead, switch operated lighting fixtures to your ceiling or wall is a great home improvement and upgrade to any living space.

With so many options out there from Recessed Cans, Pendants, Sconce, and Track lighting it can be a difficult decision, but Electric can help you determine which type of lighting is best for your space based on your aesthetic preferences and environmental concerns. Whether your bulb of choice is LED, Halogen, Incandescent, or Fluorescent, we will couple it with a lighting fixture of your choice and the appropriate wall switch and/or dimmers to complete your interior lighting project to your specifications.

If you also have the need for exterior lighting for your house or yard Electric can help with that as well. Homeowners install lights outdoors for a number of reasons. You may have a dark path or stairway, incredible landscape features you want to show off day and night, or even to protect your yard and entry points from potential prowlers. Whether you'd like the updated, modern look of new interior lighting or the safety and utility of exterior lighting, you can depend on Electric to do the job right.

Recessed Cans, Pendants, Sconce, & Track Lights

Recessed Cans are a flush mounted light fixture installed in the ceiling for a streamlined, modern look. It is a very common upgrade during a renovation and is known to increase the value of your home due to their streamlined, modern look and practical function.

Pendant lighting typically consists of vertically hanging light fixture mounted on the ceiling in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms and take the form of a simple low profile lamp or an eye catching dining room chandelier.

Track lighting or Rail lighting can be mounted on any ceiling in order to highlight certain areas of your home like an entertainment center, artwork.

A Sconce on the wall is a great way to light a dark hallway or stairwell. We are happy to suggest the best interior lighting solutions for you and your home.

Security Lighting

It is definitely a changing world! And burglars are willing to exploit any opportunity to enter your home or residence. Law Enforcement Officers, Home Security Experts, and criminals all agree that a house with a poorly lit exterior is an easy target. If your yard has dark areas near any windows and doors, we recommend installing security lighting to minimize the chances of theft or other threats.

Security lights are rugged, weatherproof lights that are bright, often motion sensor operated and are proven to discourage trespassing, car break-ins, and other typical problems with uninvited visitors on your property. Security Lighting is a very simple and effective way to protect the perimeter of your house and assure the safety of loved ones and your belongings.

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